Meet Jen

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping in.

I'm Jen! I've been teaching and practicing yoga for about fifteen years now - hard to believe. I dropped into a class years ago while living in a brand new to me city. The teacher told me I could either sign up for two months or go home. I chose the former - and the rest is history.

Although I have dabbled in various styles of yoga, Ashtanga has always felt like home. Since 2007 I have been a devoted Ashtanga student. My practice and my teaching are mainly influenced by Tim Miller, but I’ve had many great teachers in my life and many sources of inspiration. 

After graduating with a Master's degree, and a few unsuccessful attempts at holding down corporate jobs, I decided to focus on teaching Mysore – because that’s where my heart is. I built an awesome Mysore community here in DC. I see around forty students a morning in all their sweaty glory. I have taught students all of the Primary, Intermediate and Advanced A asana. But more than asana, I hope to instill in my students a devotion, faith and enthusiasm for this practice. I believe full heartedly that Ashtanga Yoga is for everyone and I like to take a real approach to it. Yes, it can be beautiful, but usually its much more of a beautiful mess.

I believe in the healing and transformative effects of this practice - and I'm so excited that I get to share my love for it with you.