Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga Course


Ashtanga Yoga is for everyone. Start your journey here.

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Are you ready to start your journey into Ashtanga Yoga?

Jen's Introduction to Ashtanga course is the perfect course for students new to Ashtanga. It is also perfect for teachers who teach Ashtanga to beginners.

Detailed instruction is provided and modifications are offered so the course is appropriate for everyone.

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Pilates for Twists and Backbends

25 minutes of Pilates exercises sequenced to help you develop strength and length in your back for improved twisting and backbending.

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Pilates for Arm Balances and Inversions

20 minutes of Pilates exercises chosen to develop shoulder girdle stabilization and full body integration to amp up your arm balances and inversions.

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Pilates Bundle


PIlates for Twists and Backbends and Arm Balances and Inversions bundled together at a discounted price to keep you busy getting stronger.

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Pilates for Yogis Trailer


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Foam Rolling for Strength and Recovery

Coming soon are my Foam Rolling for Strength and Recovery videos. Join the waitlist here and get access to a free 10 minute introductory video now!